Image Gallery

The work being laid out for final sewing prior to wall installation- December 2011

October 23rd was spent weaving coil ivy forms for the Coiled River installation indoors at Science World, several more pieces were made.
After the last workshop at Creekside Community Recreation Centre, Derek and I had fun moving the orbs around for some photos before delivery to the Mount Pleasant Community Centre.The orbs on on display at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre until 2012 when they will be installed at Science World.

Workshops happened at Science World, Mount Pleasant and Creekside Centres and in Stanley Park from May to August: here are some of my favourite workshop photos:

step one:weaving hoops and joining them

The Coiled River: SummerLive 125, Brockton Point in Stanley Park July 8-10

photos of The Coiled River at Summer Live by Peter Lolley click here

June Workshops in Stanley Park:

Here are some lovely shots from some of our weaving sessions in Stanley Park.


I spent a few hours teaching a very basic weaving method, using English ivy from Stanley Park in the Science World atrium, thanks to everyone who made a nest structure. The lighting was very low, but here are a few of my favourite photos.

A tribute to Derek’s Car: I am accustomed to riding my bike to and from workshops, and usually can get most tools etc to a site- this project has involved a lot of moving forms and things around continually, and Derek’s car has been a big part of the project, and well documented in the process. I thought this a good place to put some of my favourite car photos; we could not have done a lot of this without the wheels.

carhood as backdrop…

Hazel whips attack!

Derek and I laughed at how often we forgot the orbs were on the roof, and would comment at all the pedestrians, other drivers etc that would stop and smile at  us…

handy ski racks


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